Cleaning Tips For Your Hardwood Floors

Traditional hardwood floors can be used to create a classic, timeless look in any home. However, this beautiful flooring style is easily susceptible to damage from spills and scratches. To keep your hardwood floors looking gorgeous and polished all year-round, it is essential that you conduct regular hardwood floor cleaning and maintenance.

As a leading expert in hardwood flooring, Straight Edge Tile & Flooring is certified to provide you and your family with helpful tips for protecting the longevity and appearance of your floors. Ultimately, our Gainesville flooring company can install new hardwood flooring in your home’s bedroom, living room, dining room, or bonus room and then leave you with the knowledge you need to keep your brand-new floors fresh and squeaky clean for years.

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Sweep Or Vacuum Floors Daily

Some shades and colors of hardwood flooring show dirt and dust more than others. As such, it is recommended that you sweep your floors daily to keep them looking shiny and glossy. Focus most of your cleaning time on removing grime, hair, and pet dander from common areas with high levels of foot traffic, such as your entryway, as this space is most likely to accumulate dust.

It is important not to let dander, dirt, and dust build up for too long. When you walk over this dirt and dust, your shoe or foot rubs the particles against the floor, potentially leading to unpleasant scratches and scuff marks. Fortunately, all it takes is a vacuum or broom to solve this issue! Simply remember to turn off the brush roll attachment whenever using the vacuum on your hardwood floors.

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Use Microfiber Mops

The worst thing you can do for your custom wood floor is dump a large bucket of water on the ground and begin mopping.

Standing water on hardwood can quickly lead to water damage and swelling, ruining your floors. To avoid this, we suggest using a reputable wood floor cleaner and water to carefully wash your flooring.

Compared to traditional cotton mops, a microfiber mop is the best option for hardwood floor cleaning. This appliance uses less water than its counterpart, allowing you to both conserve water and protect your flooring.

Recoat And Stain Floors As Needed

Every three to ten years after your Gainesville, FL, flooring installation, you should evaluate your floors and check them for signs of wear and deterioration. If your floors look slightly damaged, it may be time for a new recoat.

Think about these coats as an extra layer of protection for your wood floors. At Straight Edge Tile & Flooring, our contractors can confirm for you that a recoat is needed. Our team will then deep clean the floors, buff the surface, and apply a new coat to your hardwood for added luster and shine.

Another solution for scratched or scuffed floors are wood stains. Our certified contractors will sand the affected area and apply a stain color that matches your current hardwood flooring. They will then follow up the stain with an application of wood finish.

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