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Benefits Of Remodeling Your Bathroom

When it comes to household design, bathrooms are typically neglected. It’s time we show our bathrooms some love!

Turn your dull, outdated space into a spa-like resort experience. With Straight Edge Tile & Flooring’s years of bathroom remodeling experience, we’ll design a bathroom you’ll never want to leave!

Looking for a bathroom remodel in Gainesville? Our remodeling team is both knowledgeable and flexible, allowing us to assist you with any style you have in mind. Quirky, artistic bathroom with lots of wall art? We can handle that. Neutral, minimalistic bathroom? We can achieve the classic and timeless look you desire! At Straight Edge Tile & Flooring, we can help bring your home design ideas to fruition.

Bathroom Remodeling Services

Your Gainesville bathroom should feel comfortable and cozy. It should be a place to relax – an escape from the stress of everyday life. A fresh coat of paint or a unique set of shower tiles can completely transform your bathroom space. Decide if you want your new room to have wallpaper, a vanity, or an improved, open-air layout. After all, who doesn’t want to brush their teeth in a gorgeous bathroom, fit for a celebrity?

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View Some of Our Bathroom Remodel Projects

Whether you’re looking to revamp your master bathroom, children’s bathroom, or guest bathroom, Straight Edge Tile & Flooring has done it all. Click through our image gallery to find new ideas you may have never considered. Fall in love with popular bathroom trends – from the integration of earthy, neutral tones to herringbone floor tiles.

There’s endless possibilities waiting for you! Contact us today for a free bathroom remodeling estimate.